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Transitioning to school

- Monday, November 26, 2012

Over the past few weeks, our Waratah room children have been preparing to go to school. 

We have implemented a program that introduces many of the major changes that will occur, to ensure this happens as smoothly as possible for them. The activities we have introduced as part of the transition to school program include: a 'kiss and drop' at the front door, many excursions to Ryde Public School, wearing their new school uniforms, and eating lunch out of lunchboxes.

Even if a child is used to being in childcare, school is still a significant change in their routines and daily program. It fills us with confidence when we see them excitedly showing off their uniforms, and proudly eating out of a lunch box as we know they will then feel confident on their first day of school - helping to contribute to a succesful start to their school career!

Best of luck, Waratah class of 2012.



Beach Party

- Friday, October 26, 2012

We finished off our massive series of events for Children's Week with a beach party in the sandpit. Everyone dressed up in beach inspired clothing and we played with lots of water, sand, beach balls, and other beach fun.


Thanks to everyone who has ensured their children have been prepared for each day's activities this week. Your assistance and preparation has ensured we have all had a wonderful time, and an eventful week.

Have a great weekend!!


Teddy Bears Picnic

- Thursday, October 25, 2012

 If you go into the woods today...

... you'll find us having a picnic with our teddy bears!! We had lots of children bring in their bears for this special day.

It was lovely to see so many different bears in attendance, and all of them so cherished. Everyone wanted to show how special their bears are to them, and reward them for so many years of faithful service with a special picnic.

Literacy Possum

- Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today we had a visit from the Literacy Possum!!


Who knew that in addition to climbing trees, Possums are also very passionate about literacy!?!? They love reading, spelling, learning new words, and are very particular about punctuation.

 Literacy Possum shared stories with all of the classrooms, as well as showing us how words rhyme and are put together. He also showed us where we can go to find lots of books. We enjoyed having him around, so we have invited him to come back every day for the rest of the week and teach us more about words and reading.

Dress Up Day

- Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Today we all dressed up as part of the exciting activities for Children's Week. There were lots of great costumes from both the children and the staff.

We had princesses, lady birds, pirates, spacemen, fairies, and many other festive and inventive costumes.


Thanks to everyone who went to such effort to make today so special.

Animal Visit

- Monday, October 22, 2012


Today we had a visit from the animal farm!

Despite the rough weather we were able to spend some time outside getting up close to lots of lovely cuddly animals, including sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs.




Everyone was very excited to be able to be so close and touch the animals.

What a great start to Children's Week!  

Creative Play

- Wednesday, October 17, 2012

With the recent good weather, the children have been having a great time with the new play areas outdoors. In addition to the music area, the bamboo car track and the water wall have been particularly popular. We try to ensure we keep adding to the outdoor areas and changing things to keep our children engaged and intersted.

This said, on Tuesday afternoon I came across a group of children excitedly clustered together. As I came closer, I noticed that they were completely engrossed in a saucepan that they were filling with water, leaves and sand (and a wooden slice of watermelon)! I asked them what they were doing, and they replied "cooking, of course!" - and went back to adding more leaves, sand, stirring, and encouraging each other to add more.

Two things that struck me about this experience: Children are frequently not given enough recognition for how well they will play collectively and spontaneously, and regardless of what well-designed experiences you can provide, sometimes all you need is water, sand - and a healthy dose of imagination.


Outdoor Play - the new music area

- Friday, August 10, 2012

Recently, the weather has begun to warm up again and so we have been making the most of our outdoor areas.

Part of our commitment to providing the best possible environment and care for our children is through the continuous development of resources and play spaces. One of the areas we have recently built outside is a music area that incorporates a range of music-related activities.

We are able to play recorded music, the words to popular songs are posted on the surrounding walls, and there are a variety of interactive elements for the children to create rhythms and melodies, alone and together. It has been fascinating to watch the children investigate sounds when playing alone, and how sounds work collectively when they are playing together!