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Disco Fun!

- Sunday, February 9, 2014
The music was playing, disco lights were beaming and everybody was excited to show off their disco moves on the dance floor. The children were amazed as they walked into the Acacia room that had been transformed into a psychedelic disco. 
Everyone wore their disco outfits and danced along to different genres of music. 
Thank you to all our families who joined us in making our Disco a fun filled night

Art & Craft Exhibition

- Friday, February 7, 2014

All the children and their families had a lovely time at our annual Art & Craft exhibition. Everyone came together to view the children's artworks that they had created while enjoying some delicious antipasto platters and wine. Each of the rooms had their own theme related to their artworks which were based on the children's interests.

Lilli Pilli Room

The Lilli Pilli children had an interest in colours and exploring sensory play. They combined these interests together to create colourful 3D textured artworks.


Acacia Room

The Acacia children had an interest in self portrait and incorporated this into their canvas artworks. To create their artworks that used industrial collage materials to represent their facial features. 


Waratah Room

The Waratah children enjoyed talking about their favourite memories during group times. They used their creative skills create artworks based on these memories. 




Little Rugby

- Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little Rugby came to visit the children and taught them the basic skills needed to play rugby. The children got active as they ran around the outdoor area passing the rugby balls to each other. They were then given the opportunity to kick the rugby balls through the goal post.  Everyone had lots of fun participating in these activities with their friends. 


Little Rugby helps early childhood centres promote physical activity into their program in a new and fun way.

If you would like to learn more about Little Rugby click the link below


Our Charity Wall

- Monday, January 13, 2014
We have lots of different out of hours events during the year and all money raised at these events is donated to charity. 
During 2013 we raised money for many different charities throughout the year. When possible we choose charities that are coherent to people within our center. The money raised from our slumber party was donated to a mother who shaved their head for 'The Worlds Greatest Shave'. The money raised from our Art Exhibition night was donated to 'Pillars of Strength' a charity that was started by one of our families at Top Ryde Early Learning. The money raised from our disco was donated to our cook Kathy's team who participated in 'Rely for Life'. 

In 2014 we look forward to many more events to come and raising money for many more charities. 

2013 Christmas Concert

- Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The children at Top Ryde Early Learning got into the Christmas spirit during their end of year concert. The Acacia and Lilli Pillies sang and danced along to their favourite Christmas songs hoping that Santa could hear them in the North Pole.
The atmosphere was lovely with our families enjoying watching their children with their peers perform what they had been practicing for months. 


The children sang so loudly that Santa heard them from the North Pole and came to visit with special presents for each of the children. The children were so excited to see him and give him lots of cuddles. 

Thank you to all the families who attended our special event and we hope you all have a magical Christmas!

Police Visit

- Friday, December 6, 2013


The children were very excited to have a visit from the police today!

They all sat and listened as the constables spoke about what the job of the police entails and what to do if the children ever need help from the police. They also spoke about 'Stranger Danger' and to yell STOP! if they don't feel comfortable in a situation.


The children also got the opportunity to go and look at the police car and listen to its loud siren.


Lilli Pilli Room Revamp

- Saturday, November 9, 2013

With all the new resources arriving, the Lilli Pilli room got revamped to provide new and exciting areas for the children.

The opportunities are endless as the children can initiate play experiences and extend on their own interests, building on their self-confidence. The children can use their imaginations through play as they explore all the new resources available to them. We look forward to lots of exciting activity in the Lilli Pilli room. 


Beach Day

- Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beach day is always a fun filled day and popular with the children, so to help celebrate children's week we turned our garden into a beach.


The children enjoyed laying on beach towels around the sandpit and sitting on beach chairs in the sand. We also set up a game of beach cricket for the children to play all day. They had fun building sandcastles and playing in the water with their friends. 


The Lilli Pillies were enjoying themselves so much that they decided to continue pretending they were at the beach while inside. 


We had lots of fun in the sun!!!

Farm Animal Visit

- Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To help celebrate Children's Week we invited Farmer Corinna and her farm animals to Top Ryde Early Learning. The children were so excited as they listened and watched as Corinna talked about each animal and demonstrated how she takes care of them during the day.


Corinna then encouraged the children to help her feed and groom the animals. Everyone was very enthusiastic to get involved and help. 


Corinna also had some fluffy animals to show us. The children all sat in a circle and each got to hold and cuddle on of the animals.


Thank you Kindifarm and farmer Corinna for coming a sharing your beautiful animals with us. We had lots of fun being farmers for the day. 

Our dry creek bed and digging area

- Saturday, October 12, 2013

The children love the new dry creek bed and digging area in the garden. We created this new area for the children after they took an interest in digging up the softfall with the trucks.

The area consits of lots of different natural items such as sandstone rocks, creek pebbles, tree logs and grass plants. The children are able to explore their natural environment and use it to create engaging play experiences.

In the warmer weather we provide water for the children to add a different element to their experiences. It is amazing to see what the children come up with and how they further develop their own interests within the area.