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Yummy Vegetable Platters

- Friday, October 11, 2013

The children at Top Ryde Early Learning love their vegetables!

At afternoon tea times the children enjoying sitting down at the picnic tables and digging into the fresh vegetable platters. They pile as many vegetables onto their plates as possible and most of the time enjoy second and third servings.

We try and grow our own vegetables as much as possible to add to our vegetable platters. The children being involved in the process of planting and harvesting means that they are more enthusiastic to eat their vegetables. At the moment we are growing cherry tomatoes which the children pick once they are ready and add it to afternoon teas.

During the day the children will also make dips to have with their vegetables such as, hummus, beeroot dip and roast capsicum dip.


The children serve their own food using the tongs to give them the independents to choose what vegetables they would like. It also helps to further develop their self-help skills. While sitting around the picnic tables the children will have a chat with each other about their day, what they did on the weekend or the foods that they eat at home. The atmosphere at afternoon tea is always delightful and enjoyable.