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Sustainability Week

- Wednesday, August 7, 2013

24th - 28th June 2013

This week we encouraged the Lilli Pilli, Acacia and Waratah room to incorporate sustainability into their program for a week.

Lilli Pilli Room


The Lilli Pilli educators talked to the children about sustainability and came up with some ideas as a group. They started by making sure to turn the lights off and using the natural light, especially in the middle of the day. They even create signs to remind us when and how we can be sustainable and placed them not only in the Lilli Pilli room but around the centre too. During one of their group times the children discussed ways they could save water and decided to collect rainwater. They placed containers outside and watched as they filled with water throughout the day. Once they had enough they boiled it on the stove, waited for it to cool and used it the following day to wash their lunch dishes.

Acacia Room


While discussing sustainability with the Acacias, as a group they decided they wanted to help the environment by growing sunflower seeds and planting them in our garden. Firstly they wanted to experiment to see how a seedling grows, so they placed them on top of cotton wool in a clear cup and continued to water them throughout the week, monitoring their process everyday. They also discussed other ways of being sustainable, such as being aware of how much paper they are using throughout the day. The Acacias have a continuing interest in writing letters, but to save paper they decided to email their letters instead. The children were often heard discussing with each other about not using too much paper, especially at the drawing table and reminding their peers to recycle.

Waratah Room

The Waratahs really embraced sustainability week, deciding on lots of exciting ideas and participating in environmentally friendly activities. The children wanted to help our garden to grow so with Scott’s assistance created a worm farm. They learnt about what foods that worms can and cannot eat, and even created a chart at group time. After talking and reading about recycling the Waratahs decided that instead of using paper they would recycle cardboard boxes, cut them up and use that as drawing and painting paper. They also made their own paint with Pina to use on their cardboard paper and cut up newspaper as collage.

All the rooms are continuing to incoprate sustainability into their program and the children are continuing to embrace it!

If you have any ideas you would like to share with us about sustainability please let us know.