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Strengthening little hands

- Monday, July 21, 2014
Early play activities such as those that involve the child manipulating toys and objects help to develop fine motor coordination. Good hand function requires a stable trunk (body) so the arms and hands can move freely away from the body. Therefore activities which develop trunk muscles can also improve fine motor skills e.g. scissor skills, pencil control and the ability to manipulate small toys such as Lego. Activities which promote good hand strength and skill are often found in everyday tasks. 


As the Waratah children prepare to go to school next year the educators provide many opportunities for the children to continue developing their fine motor skills. Within every play space in the room there are tools and equipment to enhance and develop the children's fine motor skills for example; pencils, rulers, scissors and glue sticks are provided in the drawing and art area so that the children can continue developing their pencil grip and scissor cutting skills. 


The educators also provide intentional activities the strengthen the children's fine motor skills for example; a 'Tinkering Table'is set up for children to be able to take apart and put devices back together using real tools. 


Fine motor skills activities for children are the best way to ensure proper development and practice of fine motor skills to promote the most functional use of a child's hands.