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St Patrick's Day 2016

- Sunday, March 20, 2016
Everyone at Top Ryde Early Learning had a great day celebrating St Patrick's Day


The Lilli Pilli room was full of exciting activities to help celebrate St Patrick's Day. The children added gold coins and coloured pipe cleaners to the green playdough to create rainbows and other interesting sculptures that were inspired by St Patrick's Day images. The also made pots of gold using lots of gold glitter and paper. 
In the Acacia room the children discovered special leprechaun rocks which they were all very excited to explore. Natasha placed a bowl of water on the table and encouraged the children to place the rocks into it. The children were amazed when the rocks started to fizz and dissolve in the water and revealed a collection of gold coins. Frankie's mum Nicole also came and joined in the St Patrick's Day celebrations and made rainbows with the children. 
The leprechaun visited the Waratah children and left a map for them to follow to find the golden treasure. Firstly the children explored their maps to decide the best route to go. The children walked around the outdoor environment and discovered that the trail of green glitter would lead them to the leprechaun's treasure. Everyone was very excited to find the gold coins and they were shared amongst the children.