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Peter Morgan - The Music Man

- Saturday, May 11, 2013

 Peter Morgan the 'Music Man' came to Top Ryde Early Learning to share his musical talents with us. He brought a large variety of music instruments from around the world and demonstrated the different sounds they make. Peter sang a song with each instrument that corrosponded to the country it originated from and encouraged the children to sing along with him.

Peter encouraged the children to participate in his musical experiences which they were all very excited about. Some of the children sat around the large drum and created the beat to the music while the other children sang with Peter. There was also lots of dancing and performing that the children got involved in, as they confidently stood up in front of their peers.

Peter also told us the story about the legend of the Taniwha as he played different instruments and demonstrated different actions and lyrics for the childern to sing along too.


Thank you Peter Morgan for coming and visiting us at Top Ryde Early Learning and sharing your musical experience with us.