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Midiga Dyarralang Puppet Show

- Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We had a puppet show performace come toTop Ryde Early Learning called Midiga Dyarralang, which means "many friends". It was a special story about four Aboriginal children from the Buandig (SA) and Dharug (NSW) countries of Australia. The children were taken on an interactive story telling session, where they got to know Ivan, Annie, Lilli pilli and baby Ben.


The story started off with Annie and Ivan, Buandig children who live around a lagoon. Some of the children

were given masks and pretended to be an emu, cockatoo, kangaroo and echidna living around the lagoon. The story then moved onto Annie and Ivan flying to Dharug, where they got to meet their friends Lillli pilli and baby Ben. Lilli pilli had been making a bush fruit salad, and had excitedly picked some Lilli pilli berries from her garden to add to it. We then talked about our favourite colours and sang a song about red fruit.


The story moved back to Annie and Ivan, who were getting on the plane. The children sang a song about flying and waved to Annie and Ivan as they passed our centre on a plane painted by Dharug artist, Leanne Tobin.

The children then got to meet baby Ben, who loves singing. We sang about his dillybag, which had three colours in it. Some of the children picked out the colours black, red and yellow. We discovered the the dillybag was magical, and the three necklaces turned into a bracelet and then the Aboriginal flag.


Annie and Ivan arrived in Sydney, meeting up with their Dharug friends and we learned a few words in Dharug and Buandig. We then sang the Hokey Pokey and said yanu and wuwu (goodbye) to the four friends.

We had so much fun watching and interacting in the puppet show performace and learning about the Aboriginal culture.