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Hatch and Grow

- Friday, October 4, 2013



Yesterday, we had a special delivery from the people at Hatch and Grow.  They came in the morning and dropped off an incubator and some duck eggs, which were set up in the Waratah room. The eggs made quiet 'peep' sounds, and would wobble a little as they lay in the incubator.  By yesterday afternoon, we could see some eggs starting to crack as some of the ducklings started to make their way out. 


When we came in this morning almost ALL of the ducks had hatched, and were snuggling up together around the light in their enclosure. We have set up some chairs around them to make a viewing area, an all of the children have been eager to watch the ducks - some have even been able to hold one.

We can't wait to see them grow and develop further!