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February Sports Day

- Sunday, June 2, 2013

As part of our Munch and Move program, which aims to promote and encourage children's healthy eating and physical activity into our program, Scott our Sports Coordinator designed a Sports Day that included activities based on the fundamental movements. This provided the children with the opportunity to further develop and learn the correct techniques needed during sporting activities.

The activities included:


Go, Go, Stop!

The children form a group 10m away from the teacher. When the teacher shouts “Go”, the children go, when “Stop “is shouted the children stop as fast as they can.


Kicking a soccer ball

Children form two lines and with the soccer ball kick from one to another. Once they have kicked the ball they move to the back of the line.


Rolling a tennis ball into a circle

Children are given a ball and  under arm roll the ball as close as they can to a circle marked on the ground.

Horse Racing

Children line up on the “ starting line “pretending they are on a horse. When the teacher shouts go the children gallop around the equipment back to the start/finish line


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