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- Monday, March 14, 2016
All the children at Top Ryde Early Learning were very excited when 'Henny Penny Hatching' arrived. Ten eggs arrived in the incubator and three chickens had already hatched on their journey to Top Ryde Early Learning. The children were fascinated by newly hatched chickens and how their feathers were still wet looking. The sat in front of the brooding pen and watched as the chickens assisted in cleaning each others feathers.
Over the next few days the children witnessed the chickens hatching out of their eggs and turning into fluffy chickens that they could pat and hold. 
The Henny Penny Hatching program has been designed to provide an enthralling experience in a safe environment. From the time that first, tiny, bedraggled chick stumbles out of its shell, the children were captivated. The antics of the new chicks were watched and commented upon with great enjoyment throughout the remainder of the program, and for many weeks thereafter. For children in particular, these observations become a major point of discussion, a series of shared experiences which they can verbalise and which will enhance communication on all levels.