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Australia Day 2016

- Friday, January 1, 2016

Australia Day 2016

The children at Top Ryde Early Learning were excitedly participating in different activities during our Australia Day celebration day. 

The educators in the Lilli Pilli room spoke with the children about the diversity of Australia. The children looked at different flags from around the world and learnt the names of the different countries. The flags included Australian, Indigenous Australian, Japanese, Chinese and many many other countries,this experience helped to expose the children to other cultural representations, and to also suggest that lots of countries and nationalities help contribute to what makes Australia great. Using the flags the children created collages by sticking them onto a picture of Australia. 


The Acacia room focused on learning about Australian native animals. To start our day the educators decided to read the book Possum Magic with the children. This was a fun way to start the day as they were able to talk about all the different animals in the Australian bush including dingoes, emus, wombats and of course possums. There were many books available to the children where they were able to continue exploring the beautiful natural world of Australia. These books allowed the children to look at what makes Australia so special. 
The children were also given the opportunity to create thong paintings as they painted them with green and yellow paint and pressed it down onto the paper to make an imprint. The children were excited to share their stories about wearing thongs when its a hot day or when they go to the beach. 

The educators introduced the Waratahs to the concept of the First Australians. They were engaged in a group time discussion, where the educators explained that a very long time ago the First Australians lived in Australia –off of the land, hunting for their food, finding water and moving around Australia with their families. They also talked about how they used natural materials on a daily basis. The children were very curious and excited about what it would be like to be able to use and paint with natural materials, so they incorporated some gumnuts and leaves from our trees outside into our collage and painting explorations. The children spent the morning creatively using the natural materials and paintbrushes to create different textures on their artworks. 


The children also enjoyed a delicious Australia Sausage Sizzle for lunch served with green and yellow vegetables.