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Art & Craft Exhibition

- Thursday, February 6, 2014

All the children and their families had a lovely time at our annual Art & Craft exhibition. Everyone came together to view the children's artworks that they had created while enjoying some delicious antipasto platters and wine. Each of the rooms had their own theme related to their artworks which were based on the children's interests.

Lilli Pilli Room

The Lilli Pilli children had an interest in colours and exploring sensory play. They combined these interests together to create colourful 3D textured artworks.


Acacia Room

The Acacia children had an interest in self portrait and incorporated this into their canvas artworks. To create their artworks that used industrial collage materials to represent their facial features. 


Waratah Room

The Waratah children enjoyed talking about their favourite memories during group times. They used their creative skills create artworks based on these memories.