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2015 Art & Craft Exhibition

- Sunday, March 29, 2015
  The Art and Craft Exhibition was a great success and all the family enjoyed seeing their children's artworks displayed around the centre. 
Each artwork was unique and personal to each child. Creating these artworks gave the children the opportunity to express themselves while using different types of art materials on canvas. 
Each of the rooms had an overall theme that the children interpreted in their artworks.
The Lilli Pilli room gave the children lots of different unconventional art material options to choose from. They used these materials to apply the paint to the canvas and create different textures. 

The Acacia room provided the children with primary and secondary colours. Using these colours they painted brightly coloured pictures of their interests. 
The Waratah room focused on the children having a sense on belonging. Using different art materials they created works of art that represented their ideas and feelings about where they belong. 

Thank you to all our families who joined us for the Top Ryde Early Learning Art & Craft Exhibition.