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Director Top Ryde - Friday, July 28, 2017

It may look as though our blog posts stopped abruptly at St Patrick’s day 2016, but they didn’t; we now provide updated blog posts regarding Top Ryde Early Learning events on the Top Ryde Early Learning Facebook page. You can visit our page by clicking this link. Make sure you ‘like’ the page when you get there, and check it regularly.

St Patrick's Day 2016

- Sunday, March 20, 2016
Everyone at Top Ryde Early Learning had a great day celebrating St Patrick's Day


The Lilli Pilli room was full of exciting activities to help celebrate St Patrick's Day. The children added gold coins and coloured pipe cleaners to the green playdough to create rainbows and other interesting sculptures that were inspired by St Patrick's Day images. The also made pots of gold using lots of gold glitter and paper. 
In the Acacia room the children discovered special leprechaun rocks which they were all very excited to explore. Natasha placed a bowl of water on the table and encouraged the children to place the rocks into it. The children were amazed when the rocks started to fizz and dissolve in the water and revealed a collection of gold coins. Frankie's mum Nicole also came and joined in the St Patrick's Day celebrations and made rainbows with the children. 
The leprechaun visited the Waratah children and left a map for them to follow to find the golden treasure. Firstly the children explored their maps to decide the best route to go. The children walked around the outdoor environment and discovered that the trail of green glitter would lead them to the leprechaun's treasure. Everyone was very excited to find the gold coins and they were shared amongst the children. 


- Monday, March 14, 2016
All the children at Top Ryde Early Learning were very excited when 'Henny Penny Hatching' arrived. Ten eggs arrived in the incubator and three chickens had already hatched on their journey to Top Ryde Early Learning. The children were fascinated by newly hatched chickens and how their feathers were still wet looking. The sat in front of the brooding pen and watched as the chickens assisted in cleaning each others feathers.
Over the next few days the children witnessed the chickens hatching out of their eggs and turning into fluffy chickens that they could pat and hold. 
The Henny Penny Hatching program has been designed to provide an enthralling experience in a safe environment. From the time that first, tiny, bedraggled chick stumbles out of its shell, the children were captivated. The antics of the new chicks were watched and commented upon with great enjoyment throughout the remainder of the program, and for many weeks thereafter. For children in particular, these observations become a major point of discussion, a series of shared experiences which they can verbalise and which will enhance communication on all levels. 

Family BBQ 2016

- Sunday, February 21, 2016
As we celebrate the start of the year and welcome all our new families to Top Ryde Early Learning, last Friday evening we held a Family BBQ. This event is a great opportunity for families to meet each other in a relaxed and fun environment. It also gives the educators at Top Ryde Early Learning the opportunity to get to know the family members of the children that they provide for everyday.
There were lots of exciting activities which included; face painting, jumping castle, raffles, jelly bean competition and much much more. It was great to see all the families and children having so much fun throughout the evening.
Throughout the evening we raised money for the Starlight Children's Foundation, which all the families generously donated towards. Overall we raised $251.00 and we say a big thank you to all our families who helped us achieve this.


Australia Day 2016

- Friday, January 1, 2016

Australia Day 2016

The children at Top Ryde Early Learning were excitedly participating in different activities during our Australia Day celebration day. 

The educators in the Lilli Pilli room spoke with the children about the diversity of Australia. The children looked at different flags from around the world and learnt the names of the different countries. The flags included Australian, Indigenous Australian, Japanese, Chinese and many many other countries,this experience helped to expose the children to other cultural representations, and to also suggest that lots of countries and nationalities help contribute to what makes Australia great. Using the flags the children created collages by sticking them onto a picture of Australia. 


The Acacia room focused on learning about Australian native animals. To start our day the educators decided to read the book Possum Magic with the children. This was a fun way to start the day as they were able to talk about all the different animals in the Australian bush including dingoes, emus, wombats and of course possums. There were many books available to the children where they were able to continue exploring the beautiful natural world of Australia. These books allowed the children to look at what makes Australia so special. 
The children were also given the opportunity to create thong paintings as they painted them with green and yellow paint and pressed it down onto the paper to make an imprint. The children were excited to share their stories about wearing thongs when its a hot day or when they go to the beach. 

The educators introduced the Waratahs to the concept of the First Australians. They were engaged in a group time discussion, where the educators explained that a very long time ago the First Australians lived in Australia –off of the land, hunting for their food, finding water and moving around Australia with their families. They also talked about how they used natural materials on a daily basis. The children were very curious and excited about what it would be like to be able to use and paint with natural materials, so they incorporated some gumnuts and leaves from our trees outside into our collage and painting explorations. The children spent the morning creatively using the natural materials and paintbrushes to create different textures on their artworks. 


The children also enjoyed a delicious Australia Sausage Sizzle for lunch served with green and yellow vegetables. 

2015 Art & Craft Exhibition

- Sunday, March 29, 2015
  The Art and Craft Exhibition was a great success and all the family enjoyed seeing their children's artworks displayed around the centre. 
Each artwork was unique and personal to each child. Creating these artworks gave the children the opportunity to express themselves while using different types of art materials on canvas. 
Each of the rooms had an overall theme that the children interpreted in their artworks.
The Lilli Pilli room gave the children lots of different unconventional art material options to choose from. They used these materials to apply the paint to the canvas and create different textures. 

The Acacia room provided the children with primary and secondary colours. Using these colours they painted brightly coloured pictures of their interests. 
The Waratah room focused on the children having a sense on belonging. Using different art materials they created works of art that represented their ideas and feelings about where they belong. 

Thank you to all our families who joined us for the Top Ryde Early Learning Art & Craft Exhibition. 

2015 Family BBQ

- Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Our family BBQ was a great success with lots of happy families enjoying each others company. There were lots of exciting activities for the families and children to participate in which included; face painting, the jumping castle and taking funny family photos with the photo booth. Kathy and Dalia also prepared a variety of delicious foods and drinks for our families to eat while socialising. 

We would like to thank all our families for their generous gold coin donations made during the family BBQ. We were able to raise $400.00 for the STaR Association, which helps and supports children with additional needs and their families to be able attend childcare services around Sydney. 
If you would like to learn more about the STaR Association or make a donation  please click on the link:

Thank you again to all the families who attended our family BBQ and made it a fun filled evening. 


Easter Hat Parade

- Tuesday, February 3, 2015
We had lovely morning celebrating Easter with all the children. They paraded around the outdoor environment showing off their Easter hat creations that they had made with their families at home. The children were also enthusiastic to see each others hats and discuss how they were decorated. 
A big thank you to the families who came and joined us this morning. The children were very excited to have an audience as they paraded. 

Once the parade had finished the children transitioned inside. They were very excited to see that the Easter bunny had visited and left chocolate eggs when they looked outside. The children hurried around the yard excitedly hunting for chocolate eggs to put into the Easter baskets. 

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Waratah Graduation Class of 2014

- Monday, December 22, 2014

The Waratah's are very excited to be embarking on their new adventure to big school in 2015. To celebrate this occasion the children had a graduation ceremony and end of year party.



Santa came to visit the children once they had finished their graduation ceremony and concert performance. All the children were very excited to have him at Top Ryde Early Learning. They each received a gift to add to their home book collection. 


The children and their families then enjoyed some delicious food and socialising together into the evening.

Thank you to all our families that made it a special night for the staff and children. 


Lilli Pilli & Acacia Christmas Concert 2014

- Sunday, December 21, 2014
The Lilli Pilli and Acacia children were excited to spread some Christmas cheer as they sang Christmas songs for their families at the Top Ryde Early Learning Christmas Concert.
Santa came and visited the children at the end of the concert because he could hear how beautiful the children were singing. Each of the children received a Christmas gift to add to their book collection at home.  
Once the concert was finished the children enjoyed a party celebration as they jumped on the jumping castle, took Christmas photos at the photo booth and ate some delicious foods. 
Thank you to all the families who joined us for our Christmas celebration and made it a fun filled evening.