child care centre testimonials

"Thanks to the amazing staff in her class and at the centre, her confidence has increased and she is not as shy as she used to be. They do lots of different activities to promote independence and have helped our daughter to trust other adults.The staff really care for the children and make every effort to make sure the kids are well taken care of and most importantly have a good time.The centre also organizes a number of fun family activities (e.g. slumber party, disco, Family BBQ, etc.) and always ensure the parents are kept up to date about what is happening at the centre. We would highly recommend Top Ryde Early Learning Centre."

"I just wanted to pass on my sincerest thanks to the entire team for a wonderful first week at Kindy for our little Remi! In particular, the girls in the Bundelah room who have made Remi‘a time at TREL so far a great experience!You guys do an amazing job and I feel so lucky knowing that Remi is in such a warm, caring and supportive environment across the board. The play based experiences that you provide, along with the added extras such as excursions provide such rich learning opportunities for the kids! We are seeing a change in Remi for the better already, she’s been a happy and full of beans little monkey each afternoon after her day at TREL and that’s thanks to the wonderful time she’s had at Kindy for the day!I hope you all have a fabulous end to the week and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!"

‘I’ve been most impressed with the personalised approach to my young daughter’s education and the way that activities for her are structured to meet her developing needs.  For instance, if she is in a group where she is a little bit older or more experienced, she will be provided with a ‘helping’ role to develop leadership skills.  Likewise, she is also stretched and challenged by being safely exposed to new activities and experiences by mixing with older children as well.’

"My daughter attended this service until school and loved every minute. Such a professional, enthusiastic team. Love the program and transition to school and school readiness program is excellent. My daughter learnt way more than I had hoped. My son attends now in the junior preschool and he’s thriving in their care. We love it there"

"I couldn't be happier with the service at Top Ryde Early Learning. The educators are warm and caring and the educational program is outstanding. My two year old has the opportunity to go on nature walks, practice daily yoga, cook damper over a fire pit, use real tools and so much more. We love it!"

"My 3rd child has just started attending Top Ryde Early Learning – which speaks volumes on how highly we think of the service – we have been more than happy for them to take care of and educate all of our kids. And what a great job they do! The kids interests are catered for and fostered and developed and my feedback and comments as a parent are always welcomed.  The transition to school program that the centre run is fantastic with thought given to all the different elements that make a happy and successful school starter ie the social and practical things like being able to eat from a lunchbox, coping with ‘kiss and drop’, getting used to your uniform NOT a sole focus on being able to recite the alphabet and read by rote.I work as a Speech Pathologist and am always impressed by the inclusion aspect of Top Ryde Early Learning and the additional support that they access for those children who need it. The professional development that staff undertake to develop their own skills to support children with additional needs is also to be commended, and of course this extra knowledge also means that they better meet the needs of all children in their care. It is so heartening to see visual supports on display around the rooms, and that children with additional needs are included in every aspect of the childcare day.Top Ryde Early Learning also offer a great range of activities to develop the children’s pre literacy skills. They have great ideas which my colleagues with other children are envious of, and which my workplace have incorporated into workshops that we provide when talking to other childcare centres.My youngest child (2 years ; 3 months)  has been at Top Ryde Early Learning for 3 weeks and it has been amazing to see the change in her in even this short time. She tells me about her day at preschool (which she never did at her previous childcare centre), she has learnt a huge variety of new songs and activities, and she is showing a huge change in her social – emotional skills and her awareness of others and how they are feeling. She is asking her brother and sister if they would like a hug when they feel sad, and trying to find what will help them to feel better!My children have all been excited to attend every day at TREL and have been supported to grow into happy, curious and successful little learners. Thankyou!!"

"Top Ryde Early Learning consistently meets all our expectations on what we feel a day care centre should provide.We find TREL to be a nurturing “child based” centre that consistently and always respects our child Charlie as an individual and works hard to meet his needs and our family goals.I feel this centre is holistic and integrity based in its approach to everything, creating and inspiring us and our children to be better people.We find TREL to be a happy and healthy play based learning environment that has shown great support to our family and to our child.We appreciate the centre, the staff and the management at TREL and thank them and commend them for all that they do".

“I think its impossible to express our gratitude for taking care of (our child) over the past three years. It's a big deal asking someone else to care for your child, but we never doubted that she was receiving the best care. You have been great teachers but have also made us feel part of a bigger family. She has always been treated with kindness and respect and has really grown as a young lady. We are very proud of her and grateful for the experiences she has had at Top Ryde Early Learning.”

“I just want to thank you and all the staff again for the incredible environment you provide for our little people, and for all the extra hours and experiences provided. You all put so much in, it does not go un-noticed, so warm and caring and full of stimulation for our young ones. Top Ryde Early Learning is not just a day care centre but a community for our kids, you are awesome role models, not just for the kids but for us as people.”

“We are very grateful that (our son) has the opportunity to learn and develop in an inclusive mainstream environment.”

“The dedication and professionalism shown by the entire team has been evident from my first visit to the centre when Tom showed me around. From day one all staff members were extremely friendly and helpful.”

“The communication through the weekly emails and availability of the Learning Stories online is excellent. That, coupled with how helpful and accessible both you and Nik were when we were making the transition is not only impressive but a significant change from what we had been used to.”

“We had the pleasure of visiting your centre yesterday for Grandparents Afternoon Tea. I just wanted to thank all your staff, it was such a lovely afternoon. Your centre is so nice and all the children seemed happy. We met quite a few, which was lovely. Please thank and congratulate your staff on the happy, professional way they create such a great learning environment for the children who are at your centre.”

“I love the learning stories. I get so excited about the activities and learning that Connor is experiencing. Almost seems like a shame he only goes on Monday and Tuesday!”

“...I am so happy that she has been encouraging his drawing, I can see some amazing development in his techniques just in the last two weeks. He has also been wanting to draw at home and asking me to look up more pictures on the internet. So thanks again for all your dedication to our children's learning.”

“Many thanks indeed for the help, guidance and care that you and your collegues gave Chloe today! We are very happy and proud that she settled down so well on her first day! And we are confident that she will have a wonderful time at your centre.”

“Thank you very much for your time and effort settling Stefan and myself into day care routine this week. Great thank you to your team for being so caring and helpful, taking time to answer all my question, I highly appreciate it.”

“I really appreciate the time taken to create the day books. So many photos and stories are interesting and help with my mother-guilt of missing out. Also, it really shows how much the team care about the development of the children in their care. I would love to tell each team member in person.”

“One of the things we have valued about the centre is the attitude to children with additional needs, added to the diversity that all the children in the centre bring. I really appreciate that you are so willing to offer spots to children who have extra support needs, and to seek out the appropriate support for these needs.”

“Just a short message to say a huge thank you to you and the staff for looking after Aiden when he knocked his tooth out. When I arrived at the school at 1000 miles an hour I expected to see my hysterical child, but instead found him happily sitting in your lap eating an ice block and chatting away. I can never thank you enough for this. You all must have acted so quickly and kindly towards him as he was so relaxed for having a tooth fly out of his mouth. Your concern is greatly appreciated and means a lot to me, especially when your kid is hurting.”

“I just wanted to let you, Kirsty and Maggie know how happy we archild care centre testimonialse with our decision to send Harry to Top Ryde Early Learning. Even when he cries as I leave I know he is having a great time, believe me. He talks all the way home about his day and his friends!! Harry is a changed boy since joining your centre and is like a sponge at home wanting to learn more about numbers, letters etc. The lovely songs he is singing is wonderful.  Please pass this on to Kirsty and Maggie and all the staff who make Harry’s day a fun, safe and educational experience. Keep up the good work, it really is noted and greatly appreciated.”

“I really feel blessed to have the boys in a place so lovely, with people who care.”

“Thank you so much for making the transition away from home and into a new environment so rewarding for my son… As a first baby and a premmie at that, he has always been a shy and intense kid that has clung to mum’s apron strings (and anything else) very tightly. Since starting at the centre in January of this year, and particularly in the last couple of weeks, his confidence has shone through; his interactions and behaviour with others is just delightful. I can honestly say he has brought a tear to my eye as he recalls his day to me  and then I hear those magic words... please, thank you, excuse me and sorry mummy. I would like you to take the credit for this, as I have been harping on and on about manners, but you are all to thank for this and held in high esteem by us. Many, many thanks to the chef who cooks for the kids. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for encouraging an appetite in my child and you deserve a gold medal for getting him to eat anything resembling a vegetable! Once again, thank you all for your kindness and dedication to the kids and especially my little man.”

“You guys rock…”