Illness Information 

Common Childhood Illnesses

The information below is provided for our families to help them understand some of the signs, symptoms and treatment options of common childhood illnesses. 

Please remember: Children who are unwell are not to attend the centre - they will be miserable, and may spread their illness to others. Signs of obviously unwell children are: raised temperatures, runny noses etc. Children with a temperature will not be allowed to attend the centre, nor will children who have been given Panadol or nurofen prior to coming to the centre. We have an extensive medication / illness policy that we encourage you to read.

Your child’s health is of paramount importance to us.Children with infectious diseases or children not well enough to undertake normal routine will not be permitted to attend the Centre. Parents will be notified if their child becomes sick and may be asked to come and collect their child. If unable to contact persons, the emergency contact phone number will be utilised.

There are lots of internet sites with information on other common childhood illnesses, we liked this one from the Sydney Children's Hospital Network as it identifies symptoms of serious illness, and then has a host of information sheets about various illnesses for parents (and even colouring sheets for children!)