child care centre enrolment

If you wish to enrol your child at the centre, booking a tour is your first step.

When a position has been confirmed, a bond (2 weeks of fees) will need to be paid to secure it and enrolment forms will be given to you to fill out. You will also receive lots of information about the centre, including a Parent Handbook.

Settling into a child care setting can be difficult for some, while others adapt very easily. Here at Top Ryde Early Learning, we have a very flexible orientation process that aims to cater for all needs.

We recommend that before your child officially starts at the centre, you and your child come in for as many ‘play visits’ as you can. A play visit allows you to come and spend time at the centre with your child and get to know the educators and routines. During the play visit you will also get the opportunity to sit down and talk to the Room Leader on a one to one basis and discuss your child and what expectations you have for them and the centre. You will also be introduced to the other educators in the room. This meeting should take place before your child is enrolled and begins attending Top Ryde Early Learning.

Our suggested orientation process would be as follows:

  • Tour the centre
  • Meet with the Administration Manager/Director to secure position and organise play visits
  • Orientation meeting with Room Leader/play visit one
  • Play visit two
  • Start at the centre with a short day
  • Progressively make days longer

The staff will do the following to help you and your child settle in:

  • One-to-one meeting with parent
  • Staff available during play visits so that you can become familiar
  • Email/phone call first few days to give feedback
  • Verbal feedback at the end of each day
  • Ongoing email/phone calls to update on progress

Contact Us with questions or Book a Tour online.