We are able to provide management consulting services to businesses to help your team achieve excellence. We have a strong team of consulting staff who are able to meet with your team to develop your business. We are also able to refer you to other fantastic organisations for specialist services.

If your child care business is facing a challenge - from trying to retain staff, to simply getting your finances to a manageable level - we're able to help you. Our team have been there, and done it, and are able to talk you through the great things we've implemented to achieve excellence, and also the 'dumb things we've done' that you don't have to.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Recruiting and retention advice
  • Financial management - planning, budgeting
  • Accreditation consultation
  • Website design
  • Change Management and continual improvement
  • Staff motivation
  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Training and Development
  • Documentation
  • Environmental design
  • Marketing
  • Centre policy and procedure development and implementation
  • Establishing a new centre

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