Staff Profiles

neshe owner approved provider 


Owner / Approved Provider 

BA (Psyc & Engl) MA (Psyc) MAPS, Diploma in Children's Services, PGC Couns. PGC Spec Ed. Cert IV TAE, JP

Prior to entering the ‘family business’, Nesha worked as a Psychologist, Recruiter, Change Management Consultant, Project Manager and Corporate Trainer (among other things!). Nesha loves to learn, and finally completed her Cert IV in Training as well as a host of short courses and workshops. she strives to impart this love with her staff and all of our children. Nesha was the President of Australian Childcare Alliance New South Wales for 4 years and is the Australian Childcare Alliance’s national Vice President.

Nesha has two children, Dylan and Olivia, some very strange cats, and a mischievous dog, Loki, who lives up to his name. She is negotiating her way through single parenting.

loran owner approved provider educational leader


Owner / Approved Provider / Educational Leader

Lorna has worked in child care since 1999 and spent four years teaching before taking on the position of Director of Norwest Child Care Centre in 2003. She has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. Lorna won the 2009 Australian Family Fisher Price Award for NSW/ACT Director of the Year. She and Nesha took over the ownership of Top Ryde Early Learning in 2009.

Lorna loves her job and is really enjoying part time work and full time mothering!

In her spare time, Lorna loves to cook, take photographs and travel to interesting places around the world. She lives with her husband of 12 years, Phil, and her sons, Connor and Declan.   


Director / Nominated Supervisor 

Mikhala started her traineeship at Norwest Child Care Centre in 2008 and completed her Diploma in Children’s Services at Top Ryde Early Learning in 2012; she is currently studying a degree in Early Childhood Education. Mikhala has quite a passion for design and enjoys creating learning spaces and creative displays about children’s education and learning.

In her spare time Mikhala enjoys going on road trip adventures with her friends and family.



Administration Manager

Belinda is going to update her details soon.



Educator - Lilli Pilli Room / Special Education Teacher

Dalia has a Bachelor in Science majoring in Statistics, and fluently speaks Arabic, Armenian and English! She moved to Australia in 2005 with her husband and two children and began studying her Certificate III in Children’s Services while working at Top Ryde Early Learning in 2008, which she has subsequently completed. Dalia has also completed her Certificate IV in Education Support. 

She loves cooking, especially traditional Arabic style food. Dalia spends lots of time with her family going for walks and going on different outing around Sydney. 

Dalia has a goal to complete her Diploma over the next few years. She also wants to share her knowledge and passion for inclusive early childhood learning for all children.


Educator - Lilli Pilli Room

Gemma started her traineeship at Top Ryde Early Learning in October 2015. She loves being a part of the Top Ryde Early Learning team, and learning from all the other staff around her. All the children adore Gemma and we love seeing her engaging and laughing with them during all learning experiences. 

In her spare time Gemma enjoys playing netball and motorbike riding with her family. She also has a keen interest in caving and regularly goes caving with her friends on the weekends. 


Early Childhood Teacher - Acacia Room Leader

Kieran completed his Diploma in Children’s Services in 2006 and completed his Bachelor of Primary Education in 2014. Even after graduating with his degree in Primary Education, Kieran has a passion for early childhood and decided to continue to stay in early childhood education. Kieran believes that it is important to have both male and female influences in early childhood education and is a role model and inspiration to other males wanting to work in early childhood. 

Kieran is married with two beautiful children and he enjoys spending all his free time going on adventures with them. He also has a love for the performing arts and enjoys incorporating his love for drama and music into many learning experiences for the children.                     



Educator - Acacia Room

Kirsty has worked in early childhood education since 1998 and has moved between three long day care services since starting, working with Nesha in each one. She has a Diploma in Children’s Services and, prior to teaching, Kirsty was a professional ice skater. She still enjoys goal-driven activities. Kirsty married Pete in 2009 and they have two children, Angus and Ruby. 

In her spare time she loves going for walks with her children and creating photo collage albums.



Educator - Acacia Room

Natasha started her traineeship at Top Ryde Early Learning in January 2016 after graduating high school. She is enjoying learning about all the different aspects of early childhood education and is looking forward to continuing her studies where she can gain even more knowledge. Natasha is very creative and is always providing exciting and engaging experiences for the children. 

Natasha enjoys dancing and has a particular passion for jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance. She enjoys teaching the children different dance moves during music and movement group times. 


Early Childhood Teacher - Waratah Room Leader 

Elizabeth has a Bachelor in Early Childhood and Primary Education, Birth to 12 Years, and has been working in the industry since 2008. She has a strong belief in early language and its importance in our community.

Elizabeth lives with her mum, dad and two sisters and loves fashion and design, spending lots of spare time developing her interests and researching the latest in fashion.

She loves to travel, listen to music and has a goal to research more about the importance and impact environments can have on children’s learning.



Educator - Waratah Room

Pina has been working in the child care profession since 1995. She has a Certificate III in Children’s Services and completed her Diploma in Children’s Services in 2016. 

She lives with her two children Kristin and Blade and in her spare time enjoys bike riding, walks and taking her children out for fun experiences. Pina is extremely proud of her children’s achievements: Kristin is a competitive gymnast and Blade is talented in many different sports. 



Educator - Internal Relief 

Natasha started her traineeship in March 2016 and has been getting inspired by all the staff in the short time she has been part of the Top Ryde Early Learning team. She loves to get creative and is always engaging the children in exciting experiences that heightens their imaginations. 

Natasha is an animal lover and is very passionate about the welfare of all animals. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and playing with her cat Guppy. 




Educator - Internal Relief

Jessie started her traineeship in April 2014. Jessie is an extremely talented opera singer and has a degree in Music as well as a postgraduate diploma in Opera. 

Before moving to Sydney to further her passion for opera, Jessie lived in Mudgee with her mum and dad.

In her spare time Jessie enjoys spending time with her friends from university and discovering the best coffee in Sydney.